Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First post...

Well, at AnDy's request, I have decided to start some random pontifications on things that are happening around/to me. Perhaps this will lead to the unlocking of some great literary talent hidden deep (very deep) within me....hmmm.....well....err...fingers crossed eh?

1. Draw master blog picture and upload.
2. Note something of interest reasonably often.
3. Write something about it in a timely fashion.

Q. So, Payara-confessor to give us something to read, let us know what are you doing at the moment ?
A. Well, I am listening to an album called "Level One" whilst contemplating what kind of blog this should become (perhaps I have done this already) and admiring my new dual 19" monitor setup (I bought a new monitor (and headphones) today and I can already feel the productivity improvement with my eyes!).

Q. Hmmm, in that case then now that you have all this new visual real estate, what are you looking at ?
A. Good question (as I now have other more serious questions about my own mental state and personalit-y/-ies). Well, let's see, I have:

  1. a blog editor window open
  2. a couple of chat windows (happy new year and all that)
  3. an aggregator window multiple tabs with drill downs on some of the feeds I am reading/related searches
  4. a stock list monitor (maybe I am trying to train my "blink"-like locked room)
  5. etc.....you can't be that interested in what I have on my screens!?

I was wondering when you were going to notice.... :-)



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