Sunday, October 29, 2006

10 years to the day!

Today marks my tenth anniversary outside the country I was born in and in the country I moved to! So that is two anniversaries to celebrate! :-) [Is my world-view too positive?]

How have I spent my day you might ask ? Well:
  • I started with getting up late (7.30am)
  • Read some RSS feeds (anybody interested in my OPML file?)
  • Returned some DVD's to the shop
  • Went to starbucks and 'wrote' a small app in a MDA development environment
  • Was happy to see it build and run on the mobile device emulator on my 5 year old laptop running on batteries (stamina mode) in a semi-reasonable amount of time (the sweet thing about developing in meta-data is that subsequent deployment to different platforms (with different form-factors!) is trivial).
  • Made some notes from a book I recently read (Purple Cow - Seth Godin)
  • Had an organic hamburger lunch - unfortunately what on the menu said "red hot chili" came across as "someone waived a chili over the top of it".
  • Went to the supermarket and looked at some bags (!) and bought some supplies for the week ahead.
  • Returned home, opened a nice bottle of red wine, sat on the balcony (the weather is perfect (really perfect! :-)) and read a magazine/did some email/wrote this entry.
  • It's now 3.36pm and I am wondering what to do next.....
So, here's today's question with regard to this blog. Should I....
  1. Start another blog under my real name (optional exercise: define real) - note that this does not imply that I want my identity linked to this blog (though I will consider a migration path for existing readers).
  2. Start another blog under my real name talking about my company.
  3. Come up with a more definite theme for this blog (suggestions welcome).
  4. Continue with this blog as is (=ad hoc updates about random topics).
Your vote counts!

(In some sense :-) )


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