Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day at work in 2006...

As expected it has been a somewhat slow day, a few phone calls to different continents and catching up on mail. Nothing overly exciting, except for one mail that suggested one should schedule time to read mails and not waste the most productive time (mornings) with such a mundane activity. I'll have to read it a bit more closely and see how to apply it to my work'style'.

OK, so in order that you don't go away empty handed, here are some random facts/links that I came across today:

  1. "Al Jazeera" (as in the TV network) means "the island".
  2. "Bridge Blogging" is where blogs/essays in one language are made accessible in a different language. Here is one that was on MSN but that MSN shut-down without state (Chinese) pressure (possibly because of a competitor).
  3. According to some television news this morning the average American credit card user has 7 credit cards and is around $9,000 in debt. Making the current minimum payments this would take 40+ years to pay off and cost an additional $20,000+ in interest. I think the situation in the UK is worse though....
  4. The BBC is being very funky by opening up some of its archive material. I wonder if there is much snooker on there.... Unfortunately, as a non-UK internet user I cannot access it to find out :-(
  5. I am also annoyed by poorly thought out data presentations/comparisons (not that I necessarily do any better myself mind :-) )


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