Monday, September 18, 2006


So, I was finally prompted into using a social bookmarking site - 'ave a gander and be better able to 'pigeonhole' me (as far as I know there are no sexual connotations associated with that expression)! My initial bookmarks are now in place (50+ tabs as my home pages (actually from firefox's session saver extension) was getting a bit much every time I opened my browser). [Basically, I would use scrapbook to take a snapshot of things I wanted to have available offline and keep links I wanted to look at open in tabs....actually it was/is worse than this as I regularly use 3 different machines!]

Anyway, we'll see how it goes - let me know of any links that you think might be of interest.

By the way, I am using a firefox extension to tag pages - 'tis a relatively painless process.


At 2:17 AM, Blogger A Shropshire Lad said...

Yeah, try for a free Content Management System for a website...


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