Saturday, September 16, 2006

Have Data will Travel

The trend that this is no doubt just the beginning of is just too scary. How long before this is added to the war on terror campaign (plus a little industrial espionage seems to be a sideline for a government monitoring program) - you don't mind if we just check through those new product/research files do you sir (and take an image of your disk for future mining) ?

In the UK there are also laws that mean that you can be legally bound to decrypt any encrypted content you might have. Failure to do so of course implies suspicion of being a part of a terrorist cell.

This is all very sad!

[UPDATE: You can do some things that are technically not encryption - the data is in plain view (would the courts agree?). Couple with all-or-nothing transforms (transforming is not encryption - there is no key) for added effect.]


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