Monday, November 06, 2006

Rakuten head and WoW

Joi Ito made the following statement in a recent interview with the Japan Times (I do not know whether the interview was conducted in English or not):
  • "When I go to my WoW guild, my raid leader is a night-shift nurse. We have bartenders. We have unemployed people, lots of military folks, policemen -- there is a community made up of a very diverse set of people. And what's interesting is that every single MBA who has tried to take the leadership role in the guild has failed. Leadership in these kinds of situations is much more about listening, and leadership is not exclusive to people in the leading class."
And further down talking about Rakuten he makes the following statement:
  • "I think Mikitani-san [Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani] knows the world. He speaks English. He went to Harvard. I don't think he's been very stifled."
A little search reveals that Mikitani got an MBA from Harvard in 1993. So, that got me wondering: although Joi is not saying Mikitani is stifled, is he implying that he cannot lead an agile organisation ? ;-)


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