Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Present to self

So, I went ahead and got myself a present on Christmas eve. I got the "World's Most Advanced Mouse" :-). It had some really good reviews and I figured I seem to be spending more time than ever working with electronic documents, so...

After using it for a while now I have to admit that it is pretty sweet. It is a Logitech MX Revolution and has the following:
  • Low friction contact pads
  • Geared mouse wheel (for fast scrolling and fine movements)
  • Browser back and forward buttons (though you can program them to do other things)
  • Search highlighted term button (mine now googles)
  • Thumbwheel for alt-tab like application switching
  • Wireless (=bluetooth?) - so no wires
  • High-precision laser so works also off troublesome surfaces (I need to check this)
  • Rechargeable battery and indicator (survives about 15 days off one charge) and charger
  • Auto-battery conservation when not used for a while


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