Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good week

So far this week is proving to be a good one:
  • I have managed two times out of three to get back over my "semi-fit" threshold on the rowing machine (ergo). Now I am within 3.5% of my best distance over this time (30 mins) - my travelling in the latter part of this year has had an intensely adverse affect on my fitness, so it is good to see it coming back. My goals for the year are out, but hopefully next year will see more traction (though I did read a scary article about the annual decrease in oxygen uptake once you are above a certain age - which I am).
  • Today - we got our first payment (an actual cheque!) since incorporating our company and should have another payment via bank transfer by the end of this week!


At 11:09 PM, Blogger A Shropshire Lad said...

Congratulations on the money!

On the fitness front, have you considered signing up to Traineo:


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