Monday, January 29, 2007

Golf (continued)

As a result of a my new found fondness for hitting small spheres (actually, there is nothing new in that at all) I am aching. At first, I didn't realise why but then it was made clear to me that this was from the session at the driving range - I was asked if I had any pent-up stress during the session, maybe that had something to do with it :-)

Basically, it feels like I've bruised a rib or two (!) on my left side and slightly sprained the top of my ankle of my right foot (I guess from the foot-lift at the end of the stroke). Oh, before I forget I also managed to get a couple of blisters on my left hand....ahhh, the joys of taking up a new sport :-).

Still, I think I will give it a year and see where it goes.


At 6:28 PM, Anonymous shin said...

Golf is more about timing than power.

Anyway, the objective is not to hit it further than the next guy, rather to hit the ball a consistent length (and direction, of course....), if the objective is to minimise your score.

Blisters on your hands indicates that you are gripping the club way too tight. You should be gripping the club just enough that the club doesn't fly out of your hands. Relaxed hands also leads to relaxed wrists which will allow for a better release.

Spraining your right ankle would seem to be indicative of too much weight remaining on your right foot....

Suggest you also read up on rules and etiquette as well as practicing your golf swing to prepare to hit the golf course when spring comes. Maybe also invest in some proper golf shoes and break them in at the driving range.

What's your practice routine like?

At 8:47 AM, Blogger Payara_Confessor said...


OK, I used to be into the heavy throws so was a little scared of letting go and seeing where the club might go. Actually, one of the things I learned at the weekend was that ladies clubs have thinner grips. Couple that with the fact that I wasn't wearing any gloves, and I may just have the beginnings of an excuse :-).

Before the next session I need a men's club and a glove.

I think the ankle pain stems from hyper-extension, coming from too much foot roll (in Discus throwing if you don't employ an active reverse then the back foot rollover is extreme - old habits die hard ?)

That said, I was definitely trying to hit the ball hard which, as you mention, is different from trying to lower your score.

Practice routine currently consists of getting a bucket or two of balls and hitting them. I did have a lesson of which the main outcomes were to: 1> use an overhand grip, and 2> stop lifting my head early (which made a very large difference very quickly).


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