Friday, January 05, 2007

Worth my weight in...


Further recognition of my eco-friendly stance was garnered today with my taking receipt of a gold driving license (unfortunately, only in colour and not composition).

A popular posit around here is: "If you have a gold license, you likely don't own a car."

And in my case it is true - I do not own a car; though I am not entirely a paper-driver (=someone who is legally allowed to drive, but likely has forgotten how/are not confident to go out on the road).

[Yes, today is a slow news day!]

Anyway, so my gold license comes complete with two PIN numbers and an embedded IC chip. Apparently, if I forget those numbers then nobody can find out where I originally came from (although I think they will be able to guess "not from around here!" - I am not sure why this is such a disadvantage (especially since my name, address, and birthdate is printed on the front of the card) although it is bound to be required at some point as part of stepping stone to a more invasive national id system. I am willing to bet (a small amount - did I mention I do not get paid?) that to prove my identity for something unrelated to driving I will have to provide my PIN numbers at some point and thereby disclose my "private" information to some totally unrelated 3rd party.

Does anyone have an RFID reader ? I am interested in seeing what info I can find out about myself from my driver's license and my passport (already hacked though the system was stupefyingly weak to begin with).


At 7:38 PM, Blogger A Shropshire Lad said...

Groovy! :) Did you know that you also get cheaper car rental now?


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