Monday, January 09, 2006

Computer stuff

This is a fascinating article about Feynman and the connection machine!

Speaking of computers, here is an article explaining Google's filesystem that was kind of interesting. Not to be confused with GMailFS that I plan on trying out (or a variant thereof, as I have some other email accounts with even more storage).

Staying with filesystems I may upgrade my very full iPod should it show even the slightest hint of a disk issue (of course, I'll try and use a 1.8" disk rather than a 3.5" one :-) )

Getting back to humans, here are some more things of interest from the Guy who brought us the 10/20/30 rule. I'm very interested in understanding VC's and their thinking style at the moment :-)

By the way, I just discovered PubSub which creates an RSS feed out of your keywords by searching all the things that it subscribes to. This seems to me to be similar to having a google query execute continously! That, it seems to me, is pretty powerful...

Finally, a very random link: try entering "salad fingers" into google video and watching the resulting cartoons (by fat-pie). Not for the fainthearted, but somewhat entertaining even if it is the product of a warped mind.

Today's post was brought to you with a day off work, several glasses of red wine, and BBC radio 1's "Fabio and Grooverider".


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