Friday, November 10, 2006

Why do I like insects so much ?

Random fact about these guys (found this particular one the other day just on a tree outside a nearby house): their large eyes mean they can see up to 60 feet away! That strikes me as being darn good.

That said, I think the furthest I have ever seen is 200 miles from dinosaur national park to some far off (perhaps it was only 200 miles away!?) mountain range in the US (admittedly the air condition was good on that day).

But, how should seeing power scale ?
1 mile is apparently 63360 inches. If it scales linearly then her/his eyesight is pretty poor compared to mine; if quadratically, then it is of the right order of magnitude; if cubically, then it is impressive. Anyone know how to compare insect eyes and human ones ? I am guessing that they should scale linearly, but the type of eye obviously should have a significant influence. Who knows about this stuff ?


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