Sunday, March 04, 2007

Golf continued

So, I am getting right into the driving range thing. Yesterday, courtesy of a friend's kindness, I received a set of clubs (not a ladies set so the clubs were heavier and the grip thicker) that I tested out my new glove on, and had a lesson with.

It was a lot of fun and I am glad to say that despite hitting quite a few balls relatively quickly - at one point I think I was already halfway through the backswing whilst the ball was still being set - I have no aches or pains today. The lesson still focussed on the basics, but they are beginning to sink in - I think. Full swings feels fine, but the "training exercises" and half-swings feel very weird - I guess it is just one of those things that you get used to eventually.

Next time at the driving range I will try and be a bit more objective about how it is going.



At 2:19 PM, Anonymous ConfessionsOfAnExGakugeiDaiFellow said...

I think you should use the girl's clubs, sir. I think they would suit your lithe figure. Or, if not, at least they would be an attractive pink - perfect for those days when the Hello Kitty lunchpail alone just won't do!


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