Sunday, February 12, 2006

no TV means vids

Last week I switched off the TV. Last Sunday to be precise. Not only did I switch it off, but I also switched it off at the button on the front rather than just switching it off with the remote. Not only did I switch it off at the button, I also switched it off at the plug-board. I switched off the TV last Sunday, and I haven't switched it back on since!

As a result, I spent way more time on the computer, quite a lot of which was really productive. However, regular breaks when doing intense work are important and rather than vegging out in front of the TV, I did spend a little time doing some random searches.

I found out about the following video from AnDy and frankly I am somewhat blown away by the possibilities afforded by this way of human-computer interaction (I am sure there is a whole swath of new interaction patterns that will be enabled by new UI's like this). My vision of an executive desk now definitely incorporates one of these.

There has been a huge furor recently over religious blasphemy and freedom of speech. In the interest of furthering the debate I found "The Passion Reloaded":

Whether this is artistic license or intent to incite religious uproar, I know not.

I found three crazy (as in cheeseburger?) commercials:

  • The first for its originality.

  • The second for its humour:

  • The third for its crime deterrent phone (how long before the lawsuits come from copycat usage?).

This is a sweet assembly of some amazing soccer:

American college kids have too much time on there hands. That is the only explanation I can think of for trying this (don't worry, it isn't one of these drunken frat type things):

And finally, here is a humorous parody pop-video:


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