Monday, January 30, 2006

Fun day out!

In case any of you are looking for a fun day out, here is a recipe that works:
  • Rent an RX-8 (has a lot more leg room than an RX-7, though less kick).
  • Drive to the seaside (good weather is definitely a bonus).
  • On the way to the seaside, stop at a mushroom picking place, and start picking.
  • Go to the seaside and eat some fish , then go for a walk along the beach.
  • Have a hot spring footbath (it looks like you have red socks on when you come out - can this really be healthy ?).
  • Go to a glass-works and make some glass art (by the way, that is my (unique) rendition of a Payara in case you were wondering - though you can't really see the front teeth so well in that picture).
  • Head to the beach again to watch the sunset .
  • Head home.
  • Eat a quick dinner.
  • Fall asleep.


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to the muchrooms? I once did some muchroom picking, in Fukushima. Got up at some g*d awful hour in the morning, trapsed up and down steep slopes for hours with an expert muchroom 'hunter'. I didn't find any muchrooms but the hunter had a basket full.

Much later that day we had copious varieties of mushroom laden food and soup all freshly made with enough beer and sake to sink a ship. Lovely! The most memorable thing about this though...? Getting up at 8.30 or so the next morning stil drunk after about 5 hour sleep, and being handed a large can of beer for breakfast by my girlfriends elder sister!

At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I of course meant "mushroom"

At 6:25 PM, Blogger Payara_Confessor said...

The mushrooms in question are Shiitake (black forest) mushrooms and will begin to be consumed from this evening.

The picking was done at a Shiitake farm so it was quite easy to find candidates to be picked :-) (actually, given how long it took me to do my "artwork" it was good that it was like this otherwise I don't think there would have been enough time in the day to do everything).


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