Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just say "no" :-)

Hmmm, things get a little bit busy and all of a sudden I am ignoring my writing. Not good, not good...

So, what has been happening ? Well, the company I have been working for has been discussing relocation possibilities with me and that finally came to its expected conclusion, and so now there is a bit of a flurry of activity to come up with transition plans and the like (from their side). Aditionally, I've been preparing for a performance review on Monday, and packing up some stuff for a local office move. Aaaaa----, the fun never ends eh?

Random thought of the morning: if people are becoming progressively more plugged in to alerts about emails/instant messages/new posts etc, will we eventually see significant changes in our mammalian brains to handle this at a less conscious level ? At the moment it seems that we are all very inefficient about doing these constant context switches to scan all this new information that is coming in.

I'm glad to see that someone is taking a sceptical look at the environmental impact of schemes that extract energy from cold deep water in lakes/oceans.

Speaking of oceans I just watched a program about fishermen going to sea to catch 150kg tuna. They seem to basically use a hook, a line, and a sonar system. It looks like an incredibly tough life! Though for some reason I do feel a little drawn towards it...


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