Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I came across PodioBooks today which is a pretty neat service. Basically once you've created a free account with them you can subcscribe to the podcasts of books you want to listen to (the selection is mainly sci-fi at the moment but type and number of books they are providing seems to be growing - everything is free so the authors/site are relying on donations (currently no adverts)). For each book you then get an RSS feed that you can put in your aggregator and PodioBooks will send you a chapter a time at an interval of your choosing (each book can have a different interval).

This actually works really nicely with netvibes (my preferred online RSS aggregator) which was a very pleasant surprise - I wasn't aware that there was an embedded mp3 player.

[Several things have caused me to question my use of time recently so I was looking for ways to make my dead-time more productive...]


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