Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Web footprint

I just googled myself (with various name formations) to find out what my web presence is like and it turns out my web footprint is a size zero!.....perhaps that is a good thing :-)

I just finished a book called "The Search" which several friends have read and since become google-haters (which seems to have been quite popular lately). I need to find out what it is that turned them off google as after finishing the book I didn't find too much that "rubbed me the wrong way". The only thing that struck me really was the trend to greater transparency that advertising seems to be following. Ultimately, this would mean that largely only completed purchases lead to a back payment of advertising dollars (like these affiliate programs). With increased ability to track people's web movements (and the amount of time they spend on pages - perhaps also in the future where their eyes spend time on pages) it should also be possible to split that advertising budget up amongst the relevant ads that people spent time on before they finally made the purchase.

I've also just finished another book about improving work practices and productivity and one of the points that resonated with me was to improved typing as a key to increasing throughput. If you think about it it is obvious that if you spend a lot of time typing then being a good typist would be an advantage to getting things done. Anyway, I found some online typing tests and clocked myself at a fairly consistent 54 WPM which is lower than I thought. As a result of this I think I will make becoming a competent touch typist one of my goals for the year. I did some more searching and found a typing tutor and did the "home keys + i & e" lesson (about 20 mins of typing) and took the test at the end of that: 24WPM and a very fatigued left forearm (obviously years of using the wrong digits is not going to be overcome overnight). I guess I should do a periodic posting from these typing tests to see how I am doing...

Google video links

The true Australian spirit:

Freaky flexibility video:

I don't recall my calculus lessons being anything like this:


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