Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Law

If you are thinking about going to Australia then you should have a think about whether to take your iPod or not. You could get arrested!

Voluntarily giving up privacy is very very very scary to me. If they ask me for a sample I will tell them where to go and I will likely be thought a criminal for doing so - be afraid, be very afraid!

Although I might not have anything to hide, what happens when the database that contains all this information is compromised and someone alters the results from some forensic DNA test to have the same electronic signature as mine ?- Afterall, they will probably outsource the maintenance of it to some company that has similiar employees to this one.

What happens when some insurance company gets hold of this information and starts to increase my premiums because of my genetic vulnerability to disease X that they just happened to find out about through some access to this database ? Actually, it is worse than it seems, because even if I can avoid inclusion in this database it is still possible that they could use it to identify me/my genetic susceptibilities. The UK also has some scary privacy developments.

On a lighter note, here is an interview on a deep and serious subject involving one of our greatest interviewers:


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