Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My back is officially back!

Just a small note of self-congratulation; today, I managed to break my target for getting back into serious training (yay!).

After last August's trip to Ireland I got out of the training habit for while (which was a shame as just before I went on the Ireland trip I did set a reasonably impressive personal best) and then due to some bad luck (and perhaps some overtraining) managed to hurt my lower back. This resulted in me having to take 3 months off from training (and also all billiard playing :-( ) to let my back recover. For the last couple of months then I have been gradually easing back into my workouts pushing myself a little harder each time. Today I finally succeeded in passing the somewhat arbitrary target I set myself for getting back into serious training so I am quite psyched (not least because the workout I have been doing for the past few months has become somewhat monotonous and I was beginning to doubt I would ever get back to a reasonable starting point, from tomorrow I now get to do a much more progressive workout tailored specifically for a shorter, more intense event with the whole micro-, meso-, and macro-cycle works).

So, I reached a small but significant stepping stone goal today - I am happy; life is good!


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