Thursday, March 09, 2006


...and random aspects thereof...

  • "Fear of girls" is funny. I wonder how true it is (I've never been into RPG's myself):

  • I am very seriously fearful about what might happen to our privacy in the future (anyone up for buying a country (needs to have natural resources for self-sufficiency but nothing too in-demand by other nations) and making sure it is a haven for sensible people with secrets to keep?). Keeping secrets is a very basic human thing to do, I really cannot get my head around people who say "well, if you are not doing anything wrong...". It is not healthy to be comfortable with complete transparency (my secrets (selectively distributed) are the glue that connect the various aspects of me together. Nor is it healthy for governments to want to second guess its citizens (stifles creativity and all that). Though, think for a moment, how different the world might be if the British intelligence service was able to take out key people and prevent the signing of the US Declaration of Independence...[N.B. I thought that one US document granted US citizens the right to overthrow an unjust government, but I couldn't find any proper references. If true then an all seeing government is then in the rather frightening position of being able to define itself as just and still claim to be a democracy. Anyone know if there is such a document ?]
  • I fear that modern science is moving along quite steadily without my being able to keep we have computers that work best when switched off (they might produce fewer errors that way, but how on Earth (or should that be "earth"?) do you debug it ?).
  • I also fear that J. Tupper has too much free time to concoct a formula that draws itself! I hope he didn't try each parameter value one by one until it worked (have you seen the size of n ?).
What fears do you have ?


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