Monday, March 20, 2006

Personal DNA

Hmmm, sharing the results of personal self-analysis has never been a strong point of mine, but I discovered this quite interesting site today and did a quick 10 minute survey to find out more about what I think about myself.

I came out as an "Animated Inventor" (mouse over the above blocks to see the various categories) but I think I must have let my perception of myself interfere with who I know myself to be. I say this because half-way down the report it mentioned that "Those who are as outgoing as you are often need to remind themselves that time alone can be just as fulfilling...". Errrr.....I most certainly do not need reminding of that. I can quite easily spend hours without the company of others - actually, if I don't get my fix then I quite often get edgy because I need to do this.

If you know me then please review me (use ae20e9ab40df for the receipt) from your perspective so I can see where I am kidding myself (well, either that, or where I am not expressing myself as honestly as I should be (well, if I wanted to be totally honest that is :-) )).

Here is the full personal DNA report.


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